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Treatment Options for Bunions

A bunion--that's what your grandmother had on her foot. Certainly, that's not the painful bump you have at the base of your left big toe, or is it? At Centennial Foot and Ankle Specialists in Aurora, Dr. Robert Anderson and Dr. Erik Thelander see and treat scores of bunions and can tell you if that's your foot issue.

Your aching foot

Hallux valgus is the medical term for the red, sore bump at the base of the big toe. Given time and enough pressure on this bunion, it may cause other deformities such as claw-like hammertoes and a crossing of the second and even third toes over the adjoining toes.

How do bunions form? Heredity seems to play a role as do tight shoes, high heels, overuse (are you a nurse or a dancer?) and being overweight. Additionally, women suffer from bunions more than men do, particularly with advancing age. Also, most people who develop bunions have flat arches and/or overpronate their feet, turning them inward as they ambulate

Diagnosis and treatment of bunions

When you come to Centennial Foot and Ankle Specialists in Aurora, Dr. Anderson or Dr. Thelander will inspect your suspected bunion and take digital X-rays as needed. With a confirmed diagnosis, he'll discuss a comprehensive treatment plan to relieve the pain and stop further foot deformity.

Harvard Health states that conservative treatments give many bunion patients significant relief from the discomfort and friction associated with this podiatric disorder. Surgery to remove the bony bump--also called a bunionectomy--is usually the last choice in treatment. While Dr. Anderson and Dr. Thelander are board-certified podiatric surgeons, they are more likely to try these interventions first:

  1. A change in shoes to ones with low heels, good arch supports and wide toe boxes
  2. Corn and callus removal (they form because of friction between the bunion and shoe)
  3. Shoe padding and customized orthotics (shoe inserts) to relieve pressure on the joint
  4. Night time splints, to correct joint alignment

Do you have a bunion?

If you suspect one, please contact Centennial Foot and Ankle Specialists for the best treatment in the Aurora area. Call the office team today to schedule your consultation: (303) 632-3668. Feel better, and keep those feet moving!

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